Instructor: Tina

I was born in Taiwan and raised in Argentina, where I formed my habits, language, and culture. I believe yoga is for EVERYBODY. I fell in love with yoga the very first class I went to more than 15 years ago, when I was 7 months pregnant with terrible lower back pain. I hated exercise, and my body was completely stiff. But right after the first class I realized that yoga really is for everybody. It helped me so much with my lower back pain that I wanted to learn everything about yoga.

As I got deeper into my yoga practice, I wanted to explore the art of teaching. I wanted to not only help the people close to me but a bigger community, so more people could get healthier and live better. I got my 200-hour RYT Yoga Certificate, and continued taking intensive courses with different wonderful yoga teachers. 
You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga. Flexibility and control of your body comes with practice. I believe yoga is a life companion that anyone can practice until the very last day. With yoga, I have learned to let go of things that shouldn’t matter or worry us, things that makes us sick or does not benefit us. Yoga helps to balance everything and teaches you to let go and become healthier, shining from the inside out.
So come practice with us, inhale the good shit and exhale the bull shit. 
Love & Namaste,